Client council

MET ggz has an independent client council which represents the interests of current and former clients of MET ggz as effectively as possible. We believe it is important that current and former clients are able to contribute ideas and have a say in the care provided by MET ggz. The members of the client council respond to plans based on their own experience and suggest improvements regarding issues that are important to their fellow clients. This ensures that the care we provide matches the wishes and needs of our clients as closely as possible.

What does the client council do?

The client council represents clients at consultative meetings at MET ggz. The participation and responsibilities of the council are laid down by law. The client council has various tasks and activities:

• Provide advice
• Participate in the development of policy and critically examine the work and plans of MET ggz
• Promote the collective interests of the clients
• Advise and consult with the Board of Directors on issues that are important to clients
• Monitor the quality of care
• Follow regional and national developments in the field of mental health care and client participation
• Maintain contact with the clients of MET ggz in order to remain informed of their needs and concerns

The members represent the collective interests of all clients. The council does not, therefore, represent individual interests or complaints. Individual complaints can be addressed to the MET ggz complaints officer.

More information

Would you like to know more about MET ggz’s client council or are you interested in becoming a member? Then please contact us at